Working with energy on holidays

How to stay mindful during holidays -

my five routines to keep me - and my family - happy 😃

abroad or just at any times when we are all around each other 24/7...

1# morning routine

I keep my morning routine - it just starts at when I wake up. Whether it be 6 am or at 11 - I start by doing the 7 chakra stretches to make my spinal fluids up and running again, to flush out any fatigue left from the night and to wake up my body. I drink two glasses of luke warm water 💦 to help my body hydrate again. 

Yes Carola -  wonderful - but where do you do this? 

- anywhere. At the beach  🏖 in the shower 🚿 or bathroom 🚽 or in front of the tent ⛺️. I don’t care if people are looking - I just know the difference in how I feel if I don’t do my exercises....

2 #coffee ☕️ 

In the morning After the whole breakfast 🍳 🥞 and everything I love my coffee. And yes: I have it while I am sitting down. It is just my moment of peace. And I won’t let any nagging kids, dishes, to do lists or other stuff get in between. Yes. It’s only 10 minutes. But these are mine. 

3 #move

Feeling awkward? Stressed? To many people around? Move. Walk or wash up or go doing laundry or swim or go shopping 🛒 but: Move. Energy tends to move and not stand still 🙂 so it will help you to rebalance and get in your flow again.  

4 #nature 

Get in touch with nature. Try to go look for the stars 🌟 in the evening and see if there are any special astronomic events in that period of year. Sometimes you can watch the beautiful star 💫 showers. This year we had yesterday the lovely 😊 opportunity to check the #Bloodmoon 🌒. But there is more. 

You can try and feel connection to the element 

water. After a hot day when it rains, the warm smell of petrichor refreshes. 

Rain itself is a great and wonderful way, helping to visualise and release energy.

Playing with stones and pebbles, naked feet on the ground, all helpful. 

5 #evening prayer

I do my evening prayer 🙏🏽 . There is always so much to thank for... And if I am up to - I close up with a night meditation 🧘‍♂️ to sleep proper and well. 

That’s all folks - enjoy your holidays! Here you can find more tips: 10 locations and inspirations

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