In Company Training

Zilverzout is bringing a new course to the market as an In-Company Training. Mindfulness and Energy-work is combined in this trainings, workshops and course in one.  

The idea is that many employees will gain much wellness and health from this type of course, since the benefits lay mostly in conquering and managing the effects of having to deal with long-term stressful situations like highly demanding office-work. 

Questions which might arise: 

  • What is the benefit of working with awareness on your energy levels? 
  • What is the benevolent of using energy techniques in an office work setting, where stress levels van hit the van and pressure is high?

To work in demanding, stressful office surroundings, asks for cleverness, awareness and energy work all around: in body, mind and soul.

How to work energetically smart? By being just that: 

Specific in the amount if energy you put in your projects,

Measurable outcome by monitoring your energy levels,

Achievable, by pronouncing realistic expectations

Realistic: what is doable on a daily routine in an office?

Timely: make sure you find a good structure and routine, to help you through the day. 

The energetic approach to wellness on the business floor, levels out in three sections: 

  • Physical well being => by clever use of energetic stretches & breathing techniques
  • Emotional well-being => by regulation of emotions with energy strategies
  • Mind & Soul wellbeing => by balancing your energy system with help from meditation. 

Zilverzout created a method, FISH - Feel, Isolate, Send, Happiness - to help you to achieve all of the above. 

In 4 training sessions you will be able to practice this methods in your daily life, it will bring clarity to your mind, it will structure the daily routines you have and it will help you to regain a balanced, energetic approach to your work. 

The techniques used,  come from energy work & therapy, mindfulness, Reiki Mastership and embodiment practitioning. 

Zilverzout has more than 20 years of experience in providing workshops, trainings and masterclasses in all kinds of settings, amongst them the most stressing ones, such as: 

  • Performing on a stage, 
  • Presenting, singing, playing musicals, 
  • Presenting and delivering as a musician, 
  • The more challenging field of education.

Zilverzout provided work for the Healing Academy, an holistic institution in the Netherlands for wellness and personal growth. Adults had been trained in the Reiki Courses and Master Your Energy trajectories.  Zilverzout was asked to perform at the “Bewegend Leren Conference” - a conference where the balance between moving, mindfulness and education was the main focus. 

Please reach out by email, If you're interested in this course for your company!


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