Reiki I Course in (d)English

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Course Subjects Reiki I

1) To be Open…

What is Reiki? What is NOT Reiki? How do you recognise it? What are the characteristics? How does it manifest in your world? The first session is the introduction and initiation at the same time. Intuitive exercises will be done and we will use most of the time for the initiation.

2) Knowledge

Reiki-work is energy work. I will teach this evening about one of the nine big energy systems. We will discuss the Chakra’s.

We will work with the hart chakra. Further more we will discover the mental, physical and emotional bodies. We work with our hands on each other and ourselves.

3) Optimisme

Reiki is a toolbox with a zillion ways of possibilities to use it.

There are so many ideas and creations, there is no limit.

Tonight we will discover playfully and intuitive. We will use art, colour, music, movement to find what is important for YOU. I will be the Reiki – Guide in the Energy Playground.

4) Health

Reiki helps to boost your health, and that is for ever. To be balanced, to re-connect with yourself. Also is Reiki very useful as First Aid for small and very often seen illnesses and diseases. Think of a headache or a cold.

5) Commitment

This evening will be the last of the course. We will look for a way how you can integrate Reiki into you as being, in your work and daily routines. To use Diane Steins words: ‘The greatest Gift of Reiki – is using her”


  • At least 1 and at the most 5 students can take place in the Reiki 1 Course.
  • We practise and learn from and with each other. Your own personal plan is very important to me as your workshop leader.
  • We discuss and evaluate what is happening in your life and in the timeframe of the course itself. The group will give you a very nice and calm place where you can tell about your development.
  • There is time and space to heal yourself, te be in contemplation.
  • The sessions take about 2 hours.
  • I expect you to be aware about changes in your life and that you record them in a Log on a weekly base
  • I expect you to practise three times a week with the given exercises!
  • Estimated study time per week is 2 hours.

Course Materials

  • MP3- Meditations
  • Online surrounding in the Online Academy

Craft – What will you be able to do?

  • Use Reiki for yourself and inner balance
  • Use Reiki for others to help them start to release physical, mental and emotional troubles
  • Use your hands to channel Reiki for daily life
  • Help immediately when small accidents occur – just with your hands




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