Pics By Annemiek van der Togt

Energy Therapy, Healing, Reading and Reiki in the Netherlands

  • Are You Looking for a Healer in the Netherlands?
  • Are You Looking for a Reader in the Netherlands? 
  • Are you suffering  - energetically -  and do you need energetic therapy? 
  • Are you suffering on emotional level?  
  • Are you in need for Reiki? 
  • Are you in need for energy consultancy?

I am here...For you! 

I would love to work with you. 

I live in The Hague Area, and my specialty is to work on distance healing.

I speak: Dutch, German, English, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese and I would love to help you. 

My website will be translated part by part - we are working on it. 

You can reach me best by filling in the little form at the end of this page.  

I will send you a nice little Energy Present - a heart to heart meditation!

'Carola is amazing in working on a distance...'

"My expectations were, Carola could help me to work on unprocessed emotions and fears. To see, accept, heal and release them.

I've experienced Carola’s energy work as powerful, intelligent, illuminant, very positive and trust giving. My creativity flows back and forth again.

Urline Lynch  //  V.A. - Goldsmith

Energy and Healing

Lets Connect 😉 tell me Your Energy Issues

Master Your Energy. 

I can help you, with the following energy issues:

  • Focus on the things you want to spent energy at.
  • Create a daily structure and routine to clear your energy systems. 
  • Connect to feelings and experience emotions you want to. 
  • Understand the way your energy system boosts and vitalises you. 
  • Find your energy drains and leakages. And I show and learn you, how to fix and overcome them.

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