Pics By Annemiek van der Togt

What is energystyling?

In my energy training I’ve learned to read, heal, mould, manipulate, form, clean and transform energy, together with you and your energetic body.

I ask you to tell me your deepest dreams and wishes, your soul stories and your fears.

And then we go on a journey.

It’s an old journey.  Our ancestors used to heal and deal life with it.

It’s rooted in old shaman traditions, in symbolism, stories, music and art.  

It’s in the songs the birds sing for us, in the way the wind in the trees speak to us.

It’s in the songs we learn in my deeply loved capoeira classes and it’s in the music I hear, when young hearts start to open and fall in love. And again. And again.

It’s about loss and grieve, its about fear and sorrow, it’s about trauma and healing and inner travels and soul journeys.

It’s about life. It’s about death. It’s about all-in between, And all which was before. And what comes after.

We are one. One-ness is the goal. The soul wants to get there as fast as possible. Our egos and physical bodies often get in the way….

“Show me your dreams dear, tell me all you know,
Give me your tears, and glow.
Being a human, any race or kind,
Makes soul forgiving, their lesser Gods, their blind.”
(Inner singer)



With my hands and heart as instruments, I tap into the energetic system of your body. I communicate with it, search for energy leaks and help you to relax in a deep and profound way. I will make sure you will get in to the alfa-mode, it resembles a light trance. You will feel very refreshed and relaxed after a session like this.



I will tap into your energetic body from a distance and see what is holding you back, what is bothering you. This type of healing, very often combined with reading is very likely to be recommended by me if you have strange physical complaints, you cannot tell where they come from. Especially when on a medical level all’s all right and checked.

This is my one time and all favourite; I love to work like this. I will do a session, write down what I’ve found and afterwards we discuss what it brought.


I can start to tap into your energetic body with a specific question or specific topic. It depends on which field of energy you want to tap in to. You can work on your potential, your purpose of life, your inner wisdom, your inner children, your soil and grounding capacities…. There is a lot possible here.


In this zoom, skype or other type of call, we will research what is needed. This is the type of work I do if you feel like ‘I don’t know – but something is wrong’

If you clearly know and see that you are trapped in a recurring pattern in your life, it shows again and again, then I’m most likely to suggest this type of work.

We would sit down together, make sure that you distil a decent question from the problem and research it with constellation techniques. The pattern, once revealed, can be healed. Usually in one session.


If you feel like you’re facing a multi sided problem, maybe with more players in it then only you, I most likely will suggest to do a constellation. In this type or work, we will analyse, feel deep and thorough what an event has done to you. And also to the others in the social or family - system.


Sometimes it is clear that you’re crossing a path in your life, that needs deep soul - searching. Then it's most likely that i will use techniques from the Soullos or maybe Akasha lessons.

These tools can help you to understand on a deepest soul level what your purpose is in a given setting or situation.

So......Here I am here...For you! I would love to work with you. 
My specialty is online and on distance healing.
I speak: Dutch, German, English, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese and I would love to help you. My website will be translated part by part - we are working on it. 
You can reach me best by filling in the little form at the end of this page.  
I will send you a nice little Energy Present - a heart to heart meditation!

'Carola is amazing in working on a distance...'

"My expectations were, Carola could help me to work on unprocessed emotions and fears. To see, accept, heal and release them.

I've experienced Carola’s energy work as powerful, intelligent, illuminant, very positive and trust giving. My creativity flows back and forth again.

Urline Lynch  //  V.A. - Goldsmith

Energy and Healing

Lets Connect 😉 tell me Your Energy Issues

Master Your Energy. 

I can help you, with the following energy issues:

  • Focus on the things you want to spent energy at.
  • Create a daily structure and routine to clear your energy systems. 
  • Connect to feelings and experience emotions you want to. 
  • Understand the way your energy system boosts and vitalises you. 
  • Find your energy drains and leakages. And I show and learn you, how to fix and overcome them.

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