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Sleep well! ​Thats what I really hope for you that you do.  But: Are you not? Are you facing sleeping issues at night? Is it hard for you to get into sleep for instance? Or do you wake up? Several times a night?  

In  this article I give you 7 FREE TIPs on Sleeping issues...

Sleeping and sleeping patterns are so important for us to regain our fit and vital feelings. It is just wonderful if you can start the day full of lovely memories of your dreams and decent sleep. Many people suffer from poor sleep.

In this article I explain what sleeping issues I see as an energy therapist and what could help you to cope with them. There are different types of complaints I hear from my clients. I categorized them in 4 points:

1. Getting to sleep...And that it's not happening...

When you fall asleep - it is like you need to surrender. It is that the sleep takes over from you. And this point is very often an issue. Sometimes people are afraid to dive in.

Children often experience this as something scary. Especially when the have encountered a nightmare. Or other form of bad dream.  

2. Worrying Minds...The thoughts keep coming...And the sleep is not 😉.

Something else I hear often are 'worrying minds'. They keep coming - flushing your mind and making you feel insecure and uneased. Worry takes a lot of energy. And you cannot have that in bed when you want a proper sleep. 

3. Not sleeping through the night.

Some people cannot sleep through. They keep waking up at night. Sometimes at the same time, sometimes just because they need to go to the bathroom. 

4. Anxiety Issues.

Some people just can't go to sleep because anxiety is crawling on to them at night. The fear and unease keeps coming and going and it is impossible to find a proper rest and deep sleep.

What I usually start with and what I suggest you should too If you are having sleeping issues - is that you create a proper sleeping routine with rituals. 

The routine will help you to get you into the sleeping mode. 

It will help you to prepare your subconscious mind to go to sleep. In fact - it will take your body, mind and soul in the sleeping mode!

And in ANY case of sleeping issues: of course you should check with your physisian first.

But if you cannot find any medical reasons causing youre sleeping issues - try a fresh and proper routine. I can give you here 8 tips to create today a proper sleeping routine. They will help you to create the right setting for going to sleep. 

Tip 1 - Start your routine 2 hours before you actually want to sleep. 

Tip 2 - Stop all screen activities 2 hours before you want to sleep. If you use your phone as a ringer / set it up right now, same goes for using your phone as a meditation tool. Mke everyting WIFI-less available.

Tip 3 - Make yourself a wonderful relaxing infusion / tea - the following herbs can be very helpful: chamomile, valerian, lavender, lemon balm, passionflower...

Tip 4 - Make the tea is a ritual - boil the water, chose a perfect mug, be attentive and only busy with preparing the tea. 

Tip 5 - CHoose a spot, every night the same, where you will sip the tea. Start to unwind the day by thinking backwards. Give yourself three compliments for what you did that day. 

Tip 6 - Prepare yourself to go to bed. Do the bathroom ritual as you like, it is wise to do it always in the same order. 

Tip 7 - Go actually to bed. Read something soothing. Have a nice picture or more around your bed to make sure you have a wonderful last view with a good atmosphere for you. 

Tip 8 - Do a relaxing exercise. A bodycan for instance. And say grace or gratitude for the day.

​If you want to know more - I can help you in finding a routine fit for you! Feel free to email or call me!



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Why no is the most important word


Let's do a little 'Feelings and Emotion' Experiment. 

Read the following and try to focus on your feelings. What do the word establish in your emotional body? Here we go.

Dear You.Everywhere there are opportunities. Everywhere there are chances. Everywhere you should open up and be open to the world an the other self. Everywhere we should learn to live in harmony and a prosperous life will follow.



Won’t happen.



What happened in your mind seeing the first NO?

How did you feel I said NO?





Feeling like you didn’t do the right thing by reading this article?

Feeling like you’re 4 years old again?

And…What happened in your emotional body after you saw the word: ‘sorry?’

And again: what happened in your physical body after you saw: ‘won’t happen?’

‘No’ is a powerful word. Just as powerful as ‘Yes’ but in a different way.

No blocks. It makes the energy stop running.

No restrains. It makes the mind going to another place.

No makes status and difference.

No means you’re the chef and I am not.

No gives a BOUNDARIE.

No is a clear and well cut path. There is the place you won’t go.

No is the opposite to yes. I.E that’s what we’ve learned.

So in short: No is a breaker. Yes is a maker. 

At least that’s what we’ve learned most of the time.Now let us get closer to this.

I am working with very sensitive people. And one of the troubles they are facing is just this: to say a clear no. To make there boundaries clear. What do you accept and what not of the other.

And why is that?

Because they were told never to say no. Because it used to mean implicitly that you are not doing the right thing. That you have to reshape your energetic boundaries and adapt to what the other want’s or does. The no come alongin your life with expactations. About you. And you were able to sense them. And made you avoid the no.

So what do I mean then by saying that it is so important to learn about the word no? That the no is just a given. Or as I heard in a family sitcom a Noop – No Option. And no more then that.

So correcting and guiding your child means for me to tell that there are ‘no’s’ in the world. That it shows of respect to treat the no well. That it has nothing to do with ‘who you are’. But that it mostly refers to an action you take which is not acceptable for the moment for whatever reason.

And there is another very important word, which comes along: trust.

Trust in the person who is saying no. That the powerful word ‘No’ is used in a correct way and not out of the urge to force something unnecessarily up to you.

The relation of this Blog with my work is this: most people I see are having trouble in putting a clear NO. For themselves. I help to re-shape the energetic boundaries by showing you the deep-rooted psychological and energetic mechanisms at work. Onze you see through them, you can work up on them. 

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