Three energy skills, every teacher should master

Tada! Here they are! 

  1. Getting energy back from a person, group, event and / or room
  2. Set energetic boundaries
  3. Recharge your own battery within 5 minutes

Well it won’t surprise you but both all of these #energyskills are part of the same energetic principle: being able to feel, isolate and send / split energies in what belongs to you, and what not. In this article I will explain them a bit further.

1. Getting energy back Example. 

A student writes a horrible grade. And you feel sorry. You just sense the effort and input the student gave, to get this subject going. And you know this grade will have consequences, since it’s an exam. 


From Kiasu Parents

So what is it? Your worry? Or the students?

Energetically this one will be blurry. Y o u r feelings and intentions, are mixed up with the students. Your #empathic_feeling  will resonate with the emotions of the student. The #worries  from the student are becoming part of you. And bam: there you have it, #energy_leek . It takes your energy, you will feel it, you will feel exhausted.

2. Energetic boundaries Another example. 

You’re clearing your #classroom , trying to pack your stuff. You feel like there is a zillion loose ends and you cannot seem to get the grip of yourself. All is going really slow, you seem not te be able to speed up your going. The energy feels like mud. Sticky. No fresh air. It like you can’t finish up at all, like you’re stick there forever.

Now let’s assume: your students were all over the place today. There was #lack_of_focus , or #concentration , It was just one of these lessons with #low_energy , you needed to #entertain  and you did what you could. 

You pepped them up. You cheered them up. You didn’t maintain your boundaries and gave all you’ve got. And: bam  - #energy_leek . Your energy is gone. It feels like ‘down the drain’. And your students? All refreshed and energized.

This example has to do with #setting_energetic_boundaries . In making clear what you are willing to give in a situation and what you allow to flow towards your students from your own, individual energy resources. And let me be clear right away: setting boundaries has nothing to do with not being friendly or empathic. It has to do in what you allow to let flow away from your side. 

The trick is to learn how te set these #boundaries , how to maintain them and at the same time learn how to get your #energy_back  from the event and or situation where you gave to much. 

Re3. charge your battery in 5 minutes

This one is a bit funny. Since we are teachers - you have a zillion tons of brain brakers and energisers in your pocket for games with your students, right? 

Well, they serve the same purpose as recharging. Making sure that you have a break form what you’re doing and that you make the energy flow more steady and refreshing.

By #energetic_recharging , I think of literally that: fill up your little tank and make sure you can continue more refreshes and ft than you were before. There are energy meditations and mindful tricks for this. 

From #Mindfull   &  #Energyleek to #Mindful  & #Energetic 

#energywork  and learning #energy_skills  to #master_your_energy , are excellent #tools  to keep yourself working in a balanced way. In the dynamic environment of schools, with students and parents aside and you as a teacher in all those different roles, we are pretty vulnerable to lose ourselves. Whether it be in connection to the parents the school staff, your direct bosses or the ones on the side, you will need to manage yourself there somehow. So yes, being a teacher serves us with overwhelming challenges. And it is inherit to the teacher to be empathic and understanding. I know since I am one of them for more than 25 years.  We want our students to get the best out of them. And we want to be the coaches who see them for what they really are. 

The skills I think you should master as a teacher then, are exactly these: 

  • Learn to get energy back from events / (person(s)  / location(s) - which have passe already
  • Learn to set energetic boundaries
  • Learn to recharge your battery in 5 minutes time. 

If you’re interested in this #energyskills : Here is my free course you can learn these 3 basic principles: Feel, Isolate, Send: here is the link. 

If you’re interested in an online workshop on this matter, email me. 

If you’re interested in learning this at school, with colleagues, up to groups of max 12 persons in Singapore you can email me for more details. 

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