Reiki I – Course in (d)English


Reiki I

In 5 lessons I will take you through several subjects and theme's concerning Reiki and Energy. We are going to DO a lot. I show you the way with Reiki. And these are the theme's I will teach you" 

  • using your hands to give energy
  • passing on energy
  • troubleshoot with energy for daily life issues and fysical pain
  • Reiki- tops & tips
  • Personal development with reiki

And: let's not forget a good sense of humor that gives this course its FUN part. Pleasure is a great thing in spiritual development and laughter is one of the most pleasant ways to put things into perspective, to clear up and to find courage to continue with your inner struggles.

The Reiki I initiation takes place during the first lesson. After getting acquainted with the Reiki energy, the Reiki I principles are discussed.

The subjets of the course:

Session 1- Introduction & Initiation

What is Reiki? What is Reiki? How do you recognise it? What are the characteristics? How does Reiki manifest itself in your experience? This first lesson is an introduction and initiation at the same time. You learn intuition-enhancing exercises. In addition, we spend a large part of the evening on the initiations for Reiki I.

Session 2 - Hands – On 

Reiki work is energy work. I give this lesson a first insight into one of the nine energy systems: the Chakras. In particular the Heart Chakra is discussed. Further text and explanation about the mental, physical and emotional body. All this knowledge is embedded by working with your hands and by applying Reiki to yourself and the fellow students.

Session 3 - Create - Make - Do

Reiki is a toolbox with unprecedented possibilities. There are inexhaustible ideas and creations in exercises and applications. That offers a cheerful and positive perspective! We will play this lesson and explore it intuitively. The session is being prepared because I bring a variety of color, music and art exercises. Further interpretation depends on the moment and your own contribution. I am your guide in the Reiki playground. A lesson with a playful and playful character.

Session 4 - Body & Soul
Reiki can help you give your health a boost - and it will last forever. To get more in balance with yourself, but also as First Aid for Inconveniences ... A lesson about: Reiki I applications and hand positions that are linked to discomforts and ailments that we all suffer from - from headaches to colds. In addition, I discuss a number of energy exercises specifically for recovering and recovering Balance in your energy systems!

Session 5 - Passion & Love  
In this final and final lesson we will search for ways how you can embed your personal reiki-path in your daily routines. It is nice, a gift to yourself if you can create time for yourself to work with Reiki. In the words of Diane Stein: 'Reiki's greatest gift - is to use it'. 


  • At least 1 and at the most 8 students can take place in the Reiki 1 Course.
  • We practise and learn from and with each other. Your own personal plan is very important to me as your workshop leader.
  • We discuss and evaluate what is happening in your life and in the timeframe of the course itself. The group will give you a very nice and calm place where you can tell about your development.
  • There is time and space to heal yourself, te be in contemplation.
  • The sessions take about 2,5 hours.
  • I expect you to be aware about changes in your life and that you record them in a Log on a weekly base
  • I expect you to practise three times a week with the given exercises!
  • Estimated study time per week is 2 hours.

Course Materials

  • Folder with some paperwork
  • MP3- Meditations
  • Online surrounding in the Online Academy

Craft – What will you be able to do?

  • Use Reiki for yourself and inner balance
  • Use Reiki for others to help them start to release physical, mental and emotional troubles
  • Use your hands to channel Reiki for daily life
  • Help immediately when small accidents occur - just with your hands

Voelen - Isoleren - Sturen...Reiki als geschenk van de Natuur...

Feel - Isolate - Send > Reiki as a gift form nature.

Were there pre-announcements in your area that you were going to do Reiki I? Something with things that come intuitively on your path? 

"I was doubting and turning and then I got a spontaneous (at the right time) mail from you and I decided to follow the course Why did you choose a Reiki Course I with Carola as a coach? 

It came at the right time on my path and I immediately felt that Carola suited me well because of her physical and creative approach. 

Carola as a coach is also: enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible, creative and warm. Where were you in your life path before you started this course? I have been discovering and acknowledging my own sensitivity for a while now. 

What difference does t make now on your life path with Reiki I? 

I learned a lot about myself and gained more confidence in what I feel!

Thank you very much for your good support Carola!"

Eline Reiki I / Reiki II                  


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