Mini Energy Check

I am going to ask you some questions. Please score them for yourself! There very helpful for me to prepare for a Skype with you.

1. After work, I feel exhausted. Y/N

2. People tell me often: 'You're so sensitive'. Y/N

3. I would describe myself as an empath. Y/N

4. At a crossing for pedestrians, drivers tend to stop for me automatically. Y/N

5. My emotions and feelings go deep - the good and the bad ones. Y/N

6. I have the tendency to think and feel over and over again for difficult situations, even long after they have been resolved or passed. Y/N

7. I speak several languages. Y/N

8. I am used to live and work in different cultural settings. Y/N

9. Usually I am good in realxing - but somehow it is nowadays more difficult for me. Y/N

10. I recently encountered anger, harassment, emotional discomfort at work where others were involved too. Y/N

1 - 3 Yes?

That sounds like you're in pretty good shape 😉 I don't think you need me!

4 - 6 Yes? 

That sounds like you're 

7 - 10 Yes? We should talk!

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