Energy work

Energy at work ... 

I Love Energy.  I love it.

I love to work with the Energy Body.

That happens when I talk to you or when I give you Reiki on a massage table. But that is also possible in a telephone conversation or skype.  Sounds vague - energy body? Or energy work? Is not too bad. I will give you a few examples that you know from your own daily life: 

# You are at a party and you feel that it is perfect. The decoration, the music, the group of people together and you can pick up and enjoy the moment and the atmosphere. => The energy is congruent, nice and pleasant with a good location and the right people. 

# You are sitting in a meeting and you feel like you are swimming in apple syrup. It is slow, sticky, nothing runs and everyone is bothered. There is no fine guidance and it seems as if no one is willing to accept and wait for his or her turn. => The energy is divided, unfocused in space, lack of leadership in the situation means that nobody is in the right position in the meeting. Costs energy to everyone. 

# You are unfocused. You can’t get anything done. Things keep dropping out of your hands: cups, paper, pencil… You cannot concentrate on what you have to do. You have slept badly and you can’t put yourself anywhere.

=> Energy is ungrounded, you are not in sync with body, soul and mind.

# You have a deadline. You work very hard behind the computer. You are in the process of putting the texts and documents in order. You did it! You have e-mailed the papers. But: you notice that you are still working on the document. You are with it all the time. You think about it, you worry whether it is right what you have delivered. You feel the expectations from your surroundings.

=> The energy is not disconnected - you have not disconnected. You still give energy in mind to the document while it is already out. 

Recognizable?  Imagine that I offer you tools to make these moments manageable and manageable? Sounds attractive, right? 

I share my knowledge with you in three ways:

1 in 1 in personal sessions > Coaching programs

With groups in workshops > Voice training or Energy workshops

As a teacher and course leader> Reiki Courses Level 1, 2, 3

Sometimes energy work is possible in situations you wouldn’t think of.

For example, you can do an Energy Scan on a Management or Teacher Team. To gain insight into the energy flow in a Team. Or, for example, make an Energetic Analysis of a company or department or faculty. 

On a Distance (ITA – In The Air as I call it)

I still think the most magical thing about my work is that I can work from a distance. You can think of this form of energy work for, for example, physical, emotional or spiritual issues. But also for example ...

  • Analysis and healing of a building or space with a strange atmosphere
  • Send energy to an exciting event in the future
  • Recover energy from difficult events in the past

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